Magento Hyva - What is it and What is the Cost of Its Implementation?

Magento Hyva is a new frontend that is gaining popularity in the e-commerce world. In this article, we will explore what exactly Hyva is, the available frontends for Magento, the problems it solves, and the cost of implementing this solution.

What is Hyva?

Hyva is a frontend for Magento that is characterized by its incredible speed and simplicity. By using technologies like Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS, Hyva allows for very high scores in Google PageSpeed, which translates to better performance for online stores. On mobile devices, scores of around 90 points can be achieved, and on desktops, even above 95 points.

Available Frontends for Magento

In the early versions of Magento 2, the standard theme available was Luma. Unfortunately, Luma quickly became outdated and difficult to optimize. Google PageSpeed scores were often unsatisfactory, leading many store owners to seek alternatives.

One such solution was PWA (Progressive Web Apps) frontends, such as Vue Storefront, PWA Studio, and Scandi PWA. While they offered faster page loading and a better user experience, implementing these technologies was expensive and complex. Additionally, Google PageSpeed scores often did not meet expectations.

Performance Issues with Magento Frontends

The Luma frontend, despite Magento's many advantages, became outdated and challenging to optimize for speed. Even with significant optimizations, Google PageSpeed scores were average at best. On the other hand, PWAs, while offering better user experiences, were costly to implement and maintain.

Hyva – The Fastest Magento Frontend

In response to these challenges, Hyva was created in 2020. Hyva is a completely new approach to the Magento frontend, utilizing modern technologies like Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS. As a result, Hyva is significantly faster than Luma and easier to code than PWA.

Hyva enables impressive Google PageSpeed scores, even above 95 points on desktops and 90 on mobile devices. Moreover, a Hyva-based frontend is easy to maintain, and implementation costs are lower than for PWA.

How Much Does Hyva Cost?

The Hyva license costs 1000 EUR, which includes a perpetual license and access to all future updates. Additionally, implementation costs are significantly lower than for PWA. Implementing a custom graphic design on Hyva costs between 500 to 800 hours of developer work.

With Hyva, we can also expect lower maintenance costs. Hyva is simpler to code, meaning that even less experienced developers can work effectively with this technology.

What Do Stores Built on Hyva Look Like?

Hyva has already gained the trust of many large brands, such as Bauhaus, Citizen, Kinderkraft, and MDD. These stores feature attractive designs and incredible speed, resulting in better user experiences and higher conversion rates.

Hyva Compared to Other Technologies

Comparing Hyva to other frontends, such as Luma or PWA, we can see clear advantages of Hyva in terms of speed, implementation, and maintenance costs. Hyva offers better Google PageSpeed scores at lower implementation and maintenance costs.


Hyva is a modern frontend for Magento that offers incredible speed and simplicity. By using modern technologies, Hyva allows for high Google PageSpeed scores, translating to better user experiences and higher conversion rates. It is worth considering implementing Hyva if we want a fast and efficient online store.